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 Accepting Applications


  • The first step is calling and speaking to a staff member to discuss your childcare needs.

  •  Click the request information link and fill in the registration form and someone will contact you soon!

  • Come in for a scheduled tour

  • Complete paperwork and leave a deposit to hold your space

For more information call



  • What do you serve for meals and snacks? Or do parents need to provide food?
    I serve nutritionally balanced foods at no additional charge. Pork is not served in any of our meals. Our meals generally consist of a protein, carb, vegetable and fruit. Parents choose from time to time to send their children special snacks/meals. I do not have a problem with this; all I ask is that you do not send pork to daycare and that the meals are nutritional. Meals served to children while in our care are breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. If children are not present during mealtime service parents are responsible for serving their children that particular meal.
  • Do you assist with potty training?
    Yes but the key word is assist. In order for potty training to be successful parent and provider must be on the same page. When your child shows readiness for toilet training, this will be done in a relaxed manner and in cooperation with you the parent. I ask that you begin this teaching at home. I will follow through and encourage your child while in my care.
  • Do you provide transportation?
    Yes! We provide transportation to and from our local schools. Please call us to see if your child's school is on our route.
  • Is their a sick policy?
    Yes we have a sick policy that is strictly enforced. Our policy was developed based on the Health Department regulations. Our sick policy benefits your child and other children. Parents compliance is appreciated and will be compensated with the assurance that all ill children will be kept home.
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